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Wills and Estates

Regarding Wills and Estates...

There are many different laws and regulations pertaining to Wills and Estates. It is important you know these. We can guide you through the processes of creating a will, revoking a will, the signing of estates, and so on and so fourth.

If a sickness were to overcome you or your loved one, we at Shanley Law Offices, can guide you through the needed steps for creating a will, or the transfer of estates.

Make sure your home or valuables are properly taken care of if something were to happen to you or your loved one. We have many ways to ensure the safety of your belongings and estates. Creating a Will is a definite way to ensure that your belongings and such are transferred to the proper person(s) with out any hassle.

To minimize complications with estates if you were to pass, please consult us with any questions regarding these procedures.


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